Services and Classes

Services Available

We offer:
Sharpening Service, typically $5 an edge bring you blades to us to sharpen

Bicycle Repair, Most bikes tuned up and fixed for $25 bucks

Carpentry, We can build most anything out of wood you can think of. We can make you a nice piece of furnature from our farm or we can come to you to fix up your deck, barn, or whatever! (we also sell rough sawn wood and live edge lumber)
Farm Help, weedeating, lawn care, sheep sheering, fence repair, whatever!
Cleaning services, and different types of help to the general community
Elderly Help   We offer shopping help, rides / assistance for Doctors appointments and general help.

We sell pigs, born and raised on the farm, they are Hampshire, Cheshire, Blue Butts

Flemish Giant Rabbit bunnies are often for sale
In season we sell chicken eggs
Various herbs and vegitables from our garden and greenhouse are sold most of the year.

The goal of the farm is to be fully self sufficient, relying on little to no outside feed, fertilizers or energy consumption. The majority of the construction will be from wood harvested during land clearing. It intends to serve the owners needs while providing for the surrounding community.  We will be gaining “Certified Organic” status.


We offer a hour long class on Homesteading. Topics include, off grid living, farming, animal husbandry and much more. Contact us for info.

Outdoor Activities

Coming soon, BIGFOOT Hunts!

See our link for Hipcamp Camping with us!
All Kinds of good stuff to come!

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