About Coon Creek Cove Farm

Husband & Wife Proprietor Farmers

Nik and Beth moved to West Virginia in 2018 with the vision and goal to be as self sufficient as possible, sustainable farming the property with organic practices. Building the business, the farm and a house on a valley property known as Coon Creek, The main creek, its namesake. and road that runs through the property.

Locals know of the farm as the Davis Farm, and has a long history of generations of farmers living and working the land. There was a Church, homes and Barns. During the Civil War, east of Coon Creek Cove a Union Garrison had no doubly traveled Coon Creek to Elk River.  Metal detectors ring with all kinds of treasures!
The Farm went vacant for over 50 years, when Beth and Nik made it their home there was nothing left of the old farm and church but a open pit well with the cleanest mountain water you'll ever drink.

In the Future the farm will comprises of a greenhouse, several small fields and various animals. This allows the farm to provide food for sale to consumers and markets, Value added services will be provided by the farm .Making this food into products and catering at events both private and public.

On the 80 acre wooded hill side farm, trees is being sustainably managed though a Stewardship Program from the Natural Resources Conservation Services of West Virginia. The creek beds are protected by a conservation program from the NCRS too.
Furniture, wood crafts and custom ordered items will be available. No timber will be sold. Only value added wood products will be sold.

Catering and Bar-B-Que

Catering to events such as weddings, parties and community events under tent and from trailers will feature barbecue and “country” specialties. The farm will allow customers to come to the farm and purchase during business hours, this will include cooked foods.

Services Available

Farm services will be marketed to the local community. Goat rental, tractor work and light construction, are just some of the services that are available. On the farm workshops on sustainability, homesteading and arts and crafts will be hosted to name a few. Guests will be able to stay on the farm, camp and small cottages will be available to rent. All of these services will generate revenue for the business.

Sustainable Organic and Natural

The goal of the farm is to be fully self sufficient, relying on little to no outside feed, fertilizers or energy consumption. The majority of the construction will be from wood harvested during land clearing. It intends to serve the owners needs while providing for the surrounding community.  We will be gaining “Certified Organic” status.