Services & Labor

Farm Help

Need some help around your property?

From Farm Hand to Odd Jobs... we are skilled in General Construction, Animal Care, and helpful with most things to keep your farm or house running for a reasonable price.

We always keep appointments and show up on time!

Solar Power

We are not electricians but we are experts on the products we use. We are starting a dealership with RENOGY.COM and can help make sure you are buying a system that will meet your needs. Ask us to come and teach you about Solar Power Systems.


Before moving to West Virgina we worked in industries that are technical in nature. We can repair most computers, help with internet issues or even teach you how about your computer. If you think we might be able to help, most likely we can!

Property Care Taking

We understand the challenges you face having to be away from your property in West Virginia. Theft, Vandalism, and Trespassing happens when there are no eyes on your property. We will help you make a plan of how we can help take care of your property while you are away. Mowing, maintenance and visits to your property can help. We'll be in touch with you and send you photos.
Contact us for how we can help!  

Adult & Senior Help

We understand, caring for our own parents, that some times things get out of hand or are just harder to do alone.
Doing Wash, Dishes, Cleaning or a Ride with help shopping and Doctor Visits. We are happy to help, even wellness visits just to have a helpful caring person to come to make sure all is well.

Audio & Video

Nik worked in the professional audio video, and lighting industry for over 20 years.  Installing systems into churches, schools, and theaters. If your business needs a reliable, professional system, we can help. We offer Sound Systems for events, street fairs, church revivals and such.
We can even help with your home entertainment system!

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